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I Never Party

Over 1,500 tame, sexy, clean, dirty, wild and crazy Never Have I Ever questions!

About I Never Party

You may know it as I Never, Never have I ever or Ten Fingers... The classic drinking game to help you find out the interesting, outrageous and somewhat strange things your friends have done, downing a few drinks while you're at it!

I Never Party contains a database of hundreds of I Never Statements, categorized by three ratings (G=for all ages, PG=questions with medium intensity, R=extreme questions). Browse, comment and vote for which you have done or never done. If you think of an I Never which we don't have, why not submit it?

Play the game with friends using our native smartphone app. Available on iOS and Android!

Important: This website contains some mature and suggestive themes. Remember to abide by the alcohol laws of your country.

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